Saturday, April 6, 2013

Herbacin Wuta Kamille and Glycerin Hand Creme

Using this 20mL travel sized tube of Herbacin Wuta Kamille and Glycerin Hand Creme now. Wanting to spend my last few Taiwanese dollars I bought it at a random drugstore at Taoyuan International Airport on my way home from Taipei ^.^

From left to right: this Wuta Kamille and Glycerin Hand Creme, Wuta Kamille Soft Mild Hand Cream, Wuta Kamille (White Line) Hand and Nail Balm, 20mL each.

Like the Hand and Nail Balm, this Hand Creme threw me for a loop too! I was expecting it to be a cream, and it turns out quite thick and balmy - think Norwegian Formula Hand Cream (the old super thick formula) with quick absorption and no grease! What's going on here?!? Anyway, thankfully it does absorb rather fast and cleanly, leaving my hands super soft afterwards. I really should have used this when I was visiting my folk. It would have been perfect in that dry climate! It's okay here in SF, where I actually find it a tad too moisturizing as it can turn my palms clammy on warmer days.

This hand cream is strongly scented, although it smells nothing like the Hand and Nail Balm. I could have sworn I have used another hand/body lotion that smelled like this before. It's a very familiar feminine but generic lotion scent, may be the old original Jergens? I don't remember, only that I know this smell, which is to say it doesn't bother me.

This is not a localized Taiwanese product but is rather an import from Germany.

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